Simplee Beau

/simp-lee bo/

A polaroid film is colorless before the shutter is pressed. Every unique image is created by a different photographer, each carrying one's own story.

Simplee Beau is how Victoria perceives the world.

“Beau" means beautiful in French, and the word “SimpLee (Simply)" represents Victoria's style.

In Simplee Beau, you might not see fancy words in the posts, but hopefully you can feel a 20-year-old girl trying to express her passion in her second language, share the beauty she sees with a pair of nearsighted eyes with 8.5 diopters, and tell her story in a city 25 hours away from home.


不同的人,看見不同的風景後,賦予了底片新的色彩。Simplee Beau就是Victoria按下快門後,所看見的世界。

Beau在法文的意思是“美麗的”,而Simplee取自Simply的諧音,也就是“簡單的”。這自創的詞彙既代表了V的風格,也將姓氏“李”包含在內-這就是Simplee Beau名字的由來。在此,你不一定會看見多優雅的文字,不過希望你能從不華麗的文字中感受到熱情與真誠、從照片中看見一雙近視850度的眼睛看見的美、以及從這些故事中體驗到一個認真生活的態度。

Victoria Lee

Born and bred in Taipei, Victoria Lee is an Aries with obsessions for art, beauty, and simplicity.

Her obsession for food, fashion, traveling, photography, and art led to the establishment of Simplee Beau, where she shares her inspirations.

Victoria is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts along with Certificates in Graphic Design and Digital Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

You can also find her on 10/10 APOTHECARY and GQ Taiwan.

Victoria Lee。於1997年搭上了九零年代和八年級生的末班車。擁有一個典型的牡羊融合處女特質的個性,總是充滿熱情且要求完美。

身為一個土生土長的台灣人,因為想要看看跨海的另一個世界而到了美國威斯康辛麥迪遜分校求學。在過程中受到歐美思想的影響,開始認真培養原本就已經擁有的興趣-拍照、美食、時尚、以及旅行,且將這幾個嗜好融合,成立了Simplee Beau。